Shooting Ranges

The information presented here will grow and evolve.  If you come upon any mistakes or have any corrections, please send MSSA an email with improved information.

1.  The Shooting Range Funding Program administered by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks has funded an interactive map of shooting ranges in Montana.

2.  An inventory of established shooting ranges in Montana.

3.  A list of range construction techniques and improvements that have proven successful in Montana.

4.  The Montana Shooting Range Protection Act.

5.  Use of easements to protect a shooting range safety zone.

6.  Montana Shooting Range Development Program enabling state law.

7.  Montana Shooting Range Development program implementing regulations.

8.  Shooting Range Insurance

9.  Proactive Shooting Range Protection

10.  Shooting on Private Property in Montana

11.  Draft liability waiver for shooting events

12.  Draft club or organization Bylaws

13.  Seeley Lake/Montana Land Board Proposal