Be Safe, Gun Safety For Kids

BeSafe is a story about how one typical Montana family deals with firearm safety issues in their home.  This story is designed to be read to children of ages in first through third grades.

Usually, the presenter will read the story to kids, then will pass out a copy of the BeSafe brochure to each child and ask them to take it home and ask a parent to read it to the child and brothers and sisters one more time before the children’s bed time.  This helps initiate a family dialog about gun safety, and helps establish family standards for gun safety.

Some parents may say, “But we don’t have any guns in our home.”  Fine, but nearly all children will sometimes play at a friend’s or neighbor’s home.  We estimate that about 90% of the homes in Montana contain firearms.  We want all children to understand the first principle about gun safety for kids – don’t touch.  If children should come into association with a firearm, anywhere, they will need the inoculation of some firearm safety preparation, just like water safety, fire safety, or traffic safety.

Copyright.  MSSA has specifically abstained from any copyright protection for this material.  MSSA considers it to be in the public domain and available to anyone to reproduce.  We do ask that you maintain all original content.

Printing.  This is just one sheet of 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper, printed both sides and folded once.  Most local sporting goods stores and some other businesses will be pleased to have copies of this printed for the children you wish to reach, especially if the business can have its name on the piece.  On the cover page is a line “Printed courtesy of SPORTSMAN’S WAREHOUSE.”  Just ask your local printer to white out or cover “SPORTSMAN’S WAREHOUSE” and place there the name of the local business paying for your printing.  Hey, this comes out of the business’s advertising budget, and is probably both a small and good ad investment for them.

Color.  MSSA always prints BeSafe on salmon colored paper.

For any questions, email MSSA at:  mssa AT (replace ” AT ” with @ – done this way to foil spam bots).

Gary Marbut, president, MSSA


Supporting materials

Be Safe Brochure (.pdf file) CLICK HERE

Letter from OPI supporting Be Safe (.pdf file) CLICK HERE

Senate Joint Resolution 15, 1991, firearm safety in schools (MSWord file) CLICK HERE

20-7-132, M.C.A. encouraging firearm safety instruction in schools (MSWord file) CLICK HERE

Senate Joint Resolution 16, 2007 endorsing Be Safe (.pdf file) CLICK HERE