Dear MSSA Friends,

MSSA has made a number of endorsements only for the June, 2022 Primary
Election among candidates for the Montana Legislature.  Not every
candidate has a Primary Election challenge.  We will do another round
of endorsements before the General Election.

We do our evaluations based on voting records for incumbents and on
returned MSSA Candidate Questionnaires.  Not all candidate have a
voting record or return our CQ, so MSSA cannot make endorsements in
all contested Primary races.

Here are the races in which MSSA has issued endorsements:

Montana Senate
SD 04, John Fuller, Kalispell
SD 05, Mark Noland, Big Fork
SD 12, Wendy McKamey, Ulm
SD 20, Barry Usher, Billings
SD 43, Jason Ellsworth, Hamilton
SD 49, Brad Tschida, Missoula

Montana House of Representatives
HD 03, Braxton Mitchell, Columbia Falls
HD 05, Lyn Bennett, Whitefish
HD 07, Dave Ingram, Kalispell
HD 08, David Dunn, Whitefish
HD 09, David August, Kalispell
HD 11, Ronalee Skees, Kalispell
HD 14, Denley Loge, St Regis
HD 17, Ross Fitzgerald, Fairfield
HD 20, Fred Anderson Great Falls
HD 23, Brad Hamlett, Cascade
HD 26, Marci Marceau, Great Falls
HD 30, Randyn Gregg, White Sulphur Springs
HD 40, Greg Oblander, Shepherd
HD 55, Lee Deming, Laurel
HD 65, James Cocco, Bozeman
HD 68, Caleb Hinkle, Belgrade
HD 75, Marta Bertoglio, Clancy
HD 81, Jill Sark, Helena
HD 84, Kaitlyn Ruch, Helena
HD 88, Alan Lackey, Stevensville
HD 97, Lyn Hellegaard, Missoula

Best wishes,

By mssa