There is a separate “Political Committee,” an entity designed to be able to legally receive money according to federal and state laws and rules, money that may then be used to support or oppose candidates or ballot issues.

The MSSA Political Committee sends out tens of thousands of postcards every year to registered voters in specific Montana legislative districts in support of candidates that MSSA has endorsed for the upcoming Primary Election.  If we can get these ardently pro-gun candidates elected, we’ll have an improved chance of getting pro-gun legislation through the Montana Legislature.

This involvement in elections is VERY IMPORTANT.  It lets candidates and legislators know that MSSA is a serious player in the political arena.  Because if this, we get much more traction in Helena than we would if we were not active in elections, evaluating, endorsing, and supporting candidates actively.

You won’t be surprised that we ran our MSSA Political Committee bank account down to near zero last time we sent out 19,000 postcards.

So, we’d love to have donations from you to MSSA PC to help rebuild this account for the next election.  If you can help, you may mail a check to:

P.O. Box 4924
Missoula, Montana 59806

Your check should be made payable to MSSA PC.

There are some rules:

No corporate checks:  Although lawsuits have changed this landscape, we prefer no checks drawn on the account of a corporation.  Personal checks please.

No limits; reporting info:  There is no limit to the size of the check you are allowed to write, ALTHOUGH if you donate $200 or more in a calendar year, we MUST report your Name, Address, Occupation and Employer.  If your name and mailing address are on your check, you can just write your occupation and employer in the memo blank.

Remember, MSSA is the most successful such entity in the U.S., and therefore probably in the World (they don’t have gun rights organizations at all in most countries).  Since MSSA’s founding, we’ve now gotten 64 pro-gun and pro-hunting bills enacted into Montana law.  For us to continue this level of success, we need your support for MSSA PC.

Thanks loads for whatever you can do.