Dear MSSA Friends,

MSSA’s 2016 Candidate Grades and Endorsements are now posted at:

Please redistribute this as widely as possible. Check this list for
your legislative candidates. Contact the endorsed candidates in your
area and let them know they’ve been endorsed (I can’t inform them
directly), and ask what you can do to help their campaign.

Our strength in getting pro-gun bills through the 2017 Legislature
depends on getting good, pro-gun candidates elected to legislative
seats. The candidates MSSA has endorsed deserve your support. IT IS UP

The same is true for Montana Governor candidate Greg Gianforte. He is
truly a good guy, and if elected he will sign the good bills that his
opponent has vetoed.

Get busy, get active, and spread the word! MSSA can do this background
work for you and give you good information, but it is up to you to put
that information to work.

Best wishes,

By mssa