Dear MSSA Friends,

The national sanctuary movement divides into two categories:  Counties protecting people from abusive state governments, and state governments protecting people from abusive federal laws and policies.  Virginia is an example of the former.

Montana is an example of the latter.  The Montana Legislature passed a bill to protect Montana citizens from new federal gun control laws, but our governor vetoed the bill.  To cure that, we need a new governor.

Concerning the relationship between Montana and its local governments, we have a few local governments attempting to invoke local gun control.  To cure that, we have LR-130 that will appear on the November, 2020 ballot.  LR-130, if passed, will strengthen Montana’s preemption law and close some alleged loopholes a few local governments are trying to exploit to enforce local gun control.

--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa