Dear MSSA Friends,

Some people have been asking for a handout for LR-130 that they can print locally and distribute to friends, or at gun stores, gun shows, shooting ranges, and more.  A .pdf file of such a handout is available for your use from this link.

You can take this file (printed or electronic) to your local copy shop or printer and ask them to print this two-sided piece on “Astrobright Terra Green Cover” (a bright, lime green, heavy paper) and cut the result into six pocket-sized handouts for each 8.5″X 11″ sheet.  You should be able to get 100 sheets printed and cut (into 600 pieces) for about $50.  If you wish to pay for printing of 25 sheets, 50 sheets, or 200 sheets, that’s up to you.

This is important! Pay for this with your own (personal) money, not the money of some organization such as a local gun club, or a business.  If your gun club or business pays for this, it could be required to form a “political committee”, file a bunch of paperwork with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices, and report all sources of income (gun club members?)  However, if you do this with your personal funds, and unless you spend $250 or more, it is a freedom of speech exercise.  No reporting required.

Help freedom, preserve the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, help Montana gun owners, and help MSSA by getting these handouts spread to voters all over Montana.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa