Dear MSSA Friends,

You may have heard some scuttlebutt about new federal rules that threaten to put most gunsmiths out of business. There is real fire here, not just smoke.

MSSA is waiting for some of the dust to settle from this recent federal announcement that broadly redefines “manufacturing” of firearms for expensive licensing and control by the US State Department under the DDTC. Once there is more clarity about what this new federal move means and what remedial action is needed, I’ll let you know. Basically it’s looking like a choice between seeking congressional action and filing a federal lawsuit.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted about this issue before. See what I posted about this in 2009 at:

Read this article carefully for a more thorough understanding of the problem. This looming problem got much worse about ten days ago with the release of new federal rules that include any machining of or improving of a firearm as an included, licensed and regulated activity by the US State Department (yes, really).

See the recent NRA release about this at:

It’s important to our RKBA that you understand this and how the federal government occupies even more monopolostic control over the supply of new firearms in the US, so please follow these two links above and read up on this federal move. Once the dust settles a bit, I’ll get back to you about what look like the most promising remedies.

Some of the measures MSSA has gotten enacted in Montana, or has tried to get enacted, would have the potential to interdict or buffer this federal overreach, including the Montana Firearms Freedom Act (which the US Supreme Court declined to consider in MSSA’s validating lawsuit), our Sheriffs First bill, and our bill to prohibit state and local public employees in Montana from enforcing or helping to enforce new federal gun control laws. That’s why MSSA needs your membership and continued support to erect a barrier of state law to protect us from the runaway federal monster, such as with this recent federal move that could eliminate most gunsmiths.

Best wishes,

--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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