Dear MSSA Friends,

There will be a public hearing for Senate Joint Resolution 11 before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 9th, beginning at 8AM.  SJ 11 is to establish the first-ever authoritative definition of the critical phrase in the Montana Constitution, “shall not be called in question.”

Please contact House Judiciary Committee members and ask for their support for SJ 11, or show up to speak in favor of it.  If you have any questions about SJ 11, please see:

Here is the current status of all the bills that have been introduced at MSSA request, or that MSSA is supporting:

Bills MSSA has had introduced this session are:

1)  HB 494.  Passed House; pending in Senate.  Restaurant Carry.  To allow those with concealed weapon permits to use their permits in restaurants where food is the chief item for sale. Sponsor, Rep. Seth Berglee

2)  SB 99.  Passed Senate; pending in House.  No local enforcement of new federal gun laws.  To prohibit state and local employees from enforcing any new federal gun laws or regulations.  Sponsor, Sen. Cary Smith

3)  HB 385.  Failed on House Second Reading.  School safety.  To allow full-time public school employees to exercise a concealed weapon permit at school as long as the employee’s firearm is genuinely concealed and the employee responsible for the security of the firearm.  Sponsor, Rep. Seth Berglee

4)  SJ 11.  House Judiciary Committee public hearing 3/9, 8AM.  Defining “shall not be called in question.”  To provide a legislative definition for this never-before-defined phrase used in the Montana Constitution to secure the RKBA.  Sponsor Sen. Keith Regier

5)  HB 262.  Vetoed by Governor.  Permitless carry.  To allow concealed carry without permit inside the limits of a city or town if the person is eligible to possess a handgun. Sponsor:  Rep. Bill Harris

6)  HB 151.  In HFG Committee.  Secure shooting range funding.  To prevent FWP from misusing funds appropriated by the Legislature for the SRDP.  Sponsor:  Rep. Nancy Ballance

Bills MSSA is supporting

7)  HB 246.  Vetoed by Governor.  Post Office Carry.  Sponsor:  Rep. Randy Brohdel

8)  HB 273.  Passed House; pending in Senate.  Immigrant CWP.  Sponsor:  Rep. Barry Usher

9)  HB 251.  Passed House; pending in Senate.  CWP weapons cleanup.  Rep. Kirk Wagoner

10)  SB 236.  Pending in SFG Committee.  Right to hunt update.  Sen. Jennifer Fielder

11)  LC2322.  Exempt shooting ranges from property tax.  Rep. Adam Hertz

--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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