Dear MSSA Friends,

Have you ever wondered how to sort among local candidates for County Attorney in your Montana county?  Aren’t they all strong on law and order?  Don’t they all believe in apple pie and the American way?

To help you evaluate and separate candidates for County Attorney, I have crafted a Candidate Questionnaire for County Attorney candidates.  That CQ is now posted for your use at:

As with the Sheriffs CQ, MSSA simply does not have the bandwidth to deliver and evaluate this CQ for County Attorney candidates all across Montana.  You will need to do that in your county.  Find a local gun club, or some other interested group, and get them to send the link for this CQ to all candidates filed for the office of County Attorney in your county.  Give the candidates a reasonable deadline (earlier deadline if there is a Primary Election contest).  When you get the CQs back, score the answers and announce the scores and any endorsements to local media and to any voters you can contact.

Note:  Be careful to not spend any money advertising scores and endorsements to voters or the public unless you first comply with all the laws and regulations enforced by the Commissioner of Political Practices.  If in doubt about an activity, call the CoPP office in Helena and inquire (406-444-2942).

Good luck administering this CQ.  The office of County Attorney can be very important to the RKBA.  I hope you find some champions out there.

Best wishes,
--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa