Dear MSSA Friends,

Two important MSSA bills will have public hearings tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  It’s time for action.

SB 122 is MSSA’s flagship bill this session, to encourage the manufacture of ammo components (brass, primers and powder) in Montana.  It is up for its public hearing before the House Taxation Committee tomorrow morning.  NOTE:  This bill died in this committee last session on a tie vote.  We REALLY need to work this committee on this bill.  There are two reasons for the H Tax Committee members to vote for this bill.  First, it’s a jobs bill.  If it works to spur manufacture in Montana, it will create good-paying jobs here.  Second, and more important to MSSA, this may be what saves the RKBA from annihilation in Montana.  There is only one plant in the US that makes smokeless power for civilian consumption.  All the rest of the powder we consume is imported (about a million pounds per year).  If that one plant in Florida had a fire, and something (think UN regulations) interrupted imports, our ammo supply would end, our firearms would become just awkward clubs, and our Second Amendment rights would be down the drain.  This bill is ESSENTIAL for the long term survival of the RKBA.

I will ask the House Tax Committee to restore some of the tax break incentives taken out by the Senate.  Because there are no manufacturers of brass, primers or powder in Montana now, these tax breaks will not cost Montana one dime of lost revenue, but will provide jobs, and will provide tax income for the state in the future.  Please ask Committee members to help with MSSA’s plan to fix SB 122, and to pass it.  SB 122 is a jobs bill, and is essential to insuring the long term viability of our RKBA.

SB 143, MSSA’s Campus Carry bill will be up for public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning.  The chief argument for SB 143 is that the Montana Constitution gives the U-system NO POWER TO SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION, or to suspend those rights that we the people have reserved to ourselves from government interference in the Montana Constitution.  The second argument is that purported "gun free zones" have been demonstrated to be very dangerous places, because they are magnets of disarmed victim zones for madmen and criminals.  The third argument is that NONE of the doom predicted for campus carry by opponents has materialized in the several other states that allow campus carry.  Drunk students, irresponsible students, youth, accidents – NONE of this is happening with CWP-holders on campus in other states.

The House Judiciary Committee is a strong committee for us, so SB 143 should do well there.  Message members of both committees about these bills if you can, but especially the House Tax Committee about SB 122.  Remember, MSSA’s ammo components bill died in this committee last session.


Please get messages about these bills via the Message Center, 444-4800, or with the Online Message Form at:

Thanks loads for your help.

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa