February 24, 7:30PM

Dear MSSA Friends,

We lost (maybe temporarily) HB 320, to clarify that there is no mandate to expel kids, on a 50-50 vote on Third Reading today.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 7/25) there will be Motion to Reconsider the failing vote on HB 320.  This vote will happen sometime after 1PM.  We have until then to turn critical votes to rescue this bill.

Republicans who voted against HB 320 and who may be persuaded to switch tomorrow and vote for it are:
Christy Clark
Rob Cook
Geraldine Custer
Doc Moore
Jeffrey Welborn

Please get messages to these House members.  Remind them that HB 320 gives schools MORE local control about how they handle these situations, and that it relieves schools of the mandate to expel for a full year a kid who simply forgot to remove a hunting firearm from a vehicle before going to school.  Be polite.  Be brief.  Your message should begin with "Please support a Motion to Reconsider HB 320."  Then add any other short message you wish.

Please get messages to these Representatives about HB 320 via the Message Center, 444-4800, or with the Online Message Form at:

This is our LAST SHOT to rescue this bill.  Make it count.

Thanks loads,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa