Dear MSSA Friends,

Our measure to define the critical phrase “shall not be called in question” that is used to secure our RKBA in the Montana Constitution has now been introduced as Senate Joint Resolution (SJ 11).  This important measure is now scheduled to have its public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) on Wednesday, February 15th.  You may read the text of SJ 11 at:

SJ 11 is sponsored for MSSA by Sen. Keith Regier (thanks Keith!!).  It is helpful that Sen. Regier is on the SJC and is also Chairman of the SJC.

SB 99 will also have its public hearing before SJC on 2/15.  SB 99 is the MSSA-proposed bill to prohibit state and local officers from enforcing any new (after 1/1/17) federal gun control done by law, regulation, or executive order.  You may read the text of SB 99 at:

SB 99 is sponsored by Sen. Cary Smith (thanks Cary!!).  Sen. Smith serves on MSSA’s Board of Directors.  SB 99 was passed last session but vetoed then by Governor Bullock.

The Senate Judiciary Committee convenes at 9 AM in Room 303 of the Capitol (just on the East side of the Rotunda’s third floor).  Please either come to Helena to speak in favor of these bills, or send electronic messages on 2/13 or 2/14 asking SJC members to support them.

If you are uncertain about how to help or do any of this, please review:

Thanks loads for your help with these important bills.

Best wishes,
--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa