Dear MSSA Friends,

Okay, the firearms-related bills begin, with public hearings coming up next week (starting 1/21).

On Monday, 1/21, the House Judiciary Committee will hear two bills that MSSA SUPPORTS.

House Bill 145, sponsored by Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, would remove the requirement from law that a person with a concealed weapon permit must notify authorities if changing county of residence.  We have asked Zolnikov to accept friendly amendments to accomplish two more things with this bill:  1) To remove SSN from the CWP application form; and 2) to further clarify that sheriffs may not charge more to process a CWP application than the $50 already listed in the law.

House Bill 155, sponsored by Rep. Casey Knudsen, would prevent local governments from creating a patchwork of laws across Montana to regulate knives.

Please send a note to the House Judiciary Committee in SUPPORT of these two bills, no later than Noon on Monday.

On Wednesday, 1/23, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear a bill that MSSA OPPOSES.   

Senate Bill 95, sponsored by Sen. Malek, would create a bunch of ways a person could lose the right to keep or bear arms, possibly for life, under Montana law.  SB 95 is allegedly to help fight domestic violence, but is riddled with potential for abuse and unintended consequences.

Please send a note to the Senate Judiciary Committee OPPOSING SB 95, no later than Noon on Wednesday.

If you have questions about how to do this, please review the material I provided at:

Thanks loads for your help with these three bills.  Stay tuned for more.

Best wishes,

--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa