Dear MSSA Friends,

MSSA’s Restaurant Carry bill, HB 494, will have its public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee at 8 AM Monday, 2/20, in Room 137 of the Capitol.

Under current law, a person with a concealed weapon permit is not allowed to exercise that permit in a restaurant if the restaurant has a liquor license.  HB 494 would remove that restriction for places where the major business is not alcohol.

HB 494 amends current law with this added language:  “It is not an offense under (Prohibited Places statute – GM) to carry a concealed weapon while patronizing a restaurant where alcoholic beverages are not the chief item of sale.”

It just makes no sense if you have a CWP and are having dinner with your family at Applebees and drinking iced tea that you cannot defend your family just because Applebees has a liquor license.

HB 494 leaves in place 45-8-327, which makes it illegal to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance and also be in possession of a firearm, so the existence of that law should help sell HB 494 to legislators.

Please send messages to members of the committee asking for support of HB 494.  As always, keep the message short and be polite.  If you can, come speak to the committee at the public hearing.

Best wishes,
--   Gary Marbut, president  Montana Shooting Sports Association  Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa