Dear MSSA Friends,
Elisa is doing a great job of keeping MSSA bills, bill numbers and status posted at: 
Meanwhile, MSSA’s bills are getting introduced, getting assigned bill numbers, and assigned to committees for public hearing.  I will send out an email notification to the list when public hearings on our bills are scheduled and it’s time for you to contact legislators.  Here are the bills just introduced and given a bill number:

Bill #           Sponsor           Subject
HB 298  Rep Harris               Permitless carry

HB 281  Rep. Mortensen  Game wardens

HB 274  Rep. Ballance            Sheriffs First

HB 203  Rep. Wittich             No enforcement of new federal gun control

Not “MSSA bill” but bill MSSA supports
SB 131  Sen. Kary                No fingerprints for CWP renewal

MSSA opposes
HB 160  Rep. Curdy               Prohibit exploding targets on state lands

MSSA bills previously mentioned
SB 143  Sen. C.Smith             Campus carry
SB 130  Sen. Webb                Home Guard
SB 122  Sen. Rosendale  Manufacture ammo components
HB 234  Rep. Ballance            Protect shooting range funds

Stay tuned for more soon.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana


By mssa