Dear MSSA Friends,

SB 122, MSSA’s flagship bill to encourage the manufacture of ammunition components in Montana, has been passed by the Senate Tax Committee.  The bill was amended quite a bit by the committee to reduce the incentives for new manufacture, but we will likely be able to regain some lost ground if we can get this bill to the House.  Getting this bill approved by the Senate Tax Committee was probably the most difficult challenge existing for this bill.  It will face several other challenging steps (I predict eight) before becoming law, but the single most dangerous step for the bill is now behind us.  It will now go to the floor of the Senate for Second Reading.  You should contact your Senator and ask him or her to please support SB 122.

HB 203, MSSA’s bill to prevent state and local and state officials from enforcing any new federal firearms or magazine bans has passed the House on Second Reading, mostly on a party line vote.  This bill was also amended in committee to broaden the definitions of protected items, but also to weaken the enforcement section.  It’s still a major step in the right direction.  HB 203 will now advance to Third Reading in the House.  It is expected to pass Third Reading and move on to the Senate.

Don’t forget that MSSA has five great bills up for public hearing on Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week, all before the House Judiciary Committee which meets beginning at 8 AM.  See my previous email for details.  If you can come to Helena to support these bills, great.  If you can’t, be sure to get messages to Committee members in support of these bills.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa