Dear Senator Tester,

In 2006 the United States Senate unanimously confirmed Judge Neil
Gorsuch to a seat on the federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, without
dissent or criticism.

Please inform Montana what Judge Gorsuch has done since 2006 to cause
you to be unwilling to announce support for his confirmation now. What
decisions has he written since 2006 that are unacceptable to you? What
breaches of professional ethics has he committed since 2006 that cause
you to withhold support?

Please tell Montana what has changed about Judge Gorsuch since 2006. If
you cannot articulate and document any significant problems, then Judge
Gorsuch deserves the same support from you now that the Senate gave him
in 2006, support you should announce to Montana rather than playing
political games. Reassure Montana that you work for us, and not for
Chuck Schumer of New York.


By mssa