Aug 25, 2014
Dear MSSA Friends,

You may be aware that I’ve long been a fan of the organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  JPFO has long been way out front in the gun rights fight with such efforts as their research leading to their publication of Lethal Laws, a documentation of the disarmament laws that led to all the many genocides of the 1900s.  JPFO has done some great work.  Since the death of JPFO founder, Aaron Zelman, JPFO has been struggling and floundering.

I’ve also long worked comfortably with the twin organizations of Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Both were founded and have been operated successfully by Alan Gottlieb.

Now, there is talk about some association or partnership between JPFO and SAF.  Critics claim that SAF is trying to "take over" JPFO and will effectively neuter it.

In my view, SAF is offering to rescue JPFO from swirling down the drain, and to keep it active in the RKBA fight.  SAF is MUCH better at raising money than JPFO and would bring a lot of financial muscle to any partnership – a much-needed sugardaddy for JPFO.

Here’s a bit of insider info for you:  When MSSA was preparing to litigate the Montana Firearms Freedom Act through the federal courts, to validate the principles raised, Alan Gottlieb contacted me and asked if SAF could be named as a plaintiff.  In exchanged, he agreed to pay the costs of litigation.  I agreed, with an important condition that Alan agreed to.  The condition was that I (me, Gary) would make ALL tactical and strategic decisions, I would be the official contact for the attorney(s), and that I and only I would decide what issues would be argued and how to argue them.  Alan stuck to his word on that, and never interfered on the direction of the lawsuit.  Sometimes we would talk on the phone and he would suggest one direction or another.  Sometimes we agreed; sometimes we disagreed.  But, Alan always (ALWAYS) allowed me to make the final call.  He stuck to the letter and spirit of our verbal deal.

So, if Gottlieb says he will allow JPFO to operate independently (which he does), but with SAF financial backing. I believe him.

If you read criticism about the proposed merger, partnership or association between SAF and JPFO, I urge you to see it as I do, an honorable effort by Alan Gottlieb to keep JPFO afloat and doing what it does so well, cutting edge information and activism in support of the RKBA.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

By mssa