Dear MSSA Friends,

At the Annual Meeting yesterday in Helena, MSSA re-elected All existing officers and three members of the Board of Directors whose terms were expiring.  In addition, a vacant position on the MSSA Board was filled with the election of Keith VanSetten to the Board.  Keith is from Choteau and is Sheriff of Teton County.  We welcome Keith to the Board.

MSSA also finalized its legislative agenda for the 2015 Montana Legislative Session.  In order of priority, here are the issues the MSSA Board and members selected for the MSSA legislative agenda for next session:

1.  Encourage the manufacture of ammunition components in Montana.  This will be MSSA’s flagship bill for the session.

2.  Prohibit enforcement of any new federal gun control laws by state and local government employees.

3.  Safe Travel to Work.  Allow for “Safe Travel to Work” by preventing employers from firing employees who have a firearm locked in the employee’s private vehicle in the employer’s parking lot.

4.  Prohibited Places.  Address the non sequitur of the “prohibited places” at 45-8-328 where anyone may carry a firearm openly but CWP-holders may not exercise their permits.

5.  Campus Carry.  Allow campus carry by determining that campus authorities have no power to suspend, amend or abolish the Montana Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms that the people have secured there to prevent interference by governmental entities.

6.  Sheriffs First.  Insure cooperation from federal law enforcement officers by requiring that they obtain written permission from the elected county sheriff before conducting an arrest, search or seizure in Montana.

7.  Sound Suppressors for Hunting.  Remove the prohibition for use of suppressors for hunting regulated game in Montana.

8.  Permitless carry.  Make the law inside cities the same as it has been outside cities for 23 years by allowing concealed carry inside cities without a permit.

9.  Guns at School.  Clarify that school boards have full discretion over discipline applied to students who deliberately or inadvertently bring a firearm to school.

10.  Bankruptcy and Firearms.  Allow up to $5,000 of firearms, archery equipment and ammunition that a person has owned for a year or more to be exempt from claims under bankruptcy.

11.  Home Guard.  Expand upon existing laws establishing the Montana Home Guard to specify organization, mission, duties, responsibilities and control.

As MSSA ramps up towards the 2015 Legislative Session, MSSA needs to expand its membership and also increase the numbers of people we reach on this email list.  Please join MSSA if you’re not already a member.  Go to:

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Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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