Montana Shooting Range Survey

Dear Montana Shooting Range Operators,

The Montana Shooting Sports Association will endeavor to compile information about all shooting ranges in Montana.  This information will be made available to the public on MSSA's Website.

The survey asking for information about Montana Ranges is BOTH pasted below, and available as a downloadable MSWord file, for your convenience.  You may copy what is below or download the MSWord file - whichever works best for you.

If you have any question about whether a range about which you can provide information has already been covered, send me an email at mssa -AT- (replace the " -AT- " with "@" to use this email address - done to defeat trolling spambots).

To get the completed information to me, email it to the email address above.

Thanks loads for your help.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association


Information needed about shooting ranges.  Please provide as much of this information as you can.

(Note:  MSSA intends to post all information received from this survey on the Internet, on MSSA's Website.  So, feel free to not include any information you feel is confidential, and also feel free to brag about your facility, if you want.  Also, I will mask all email addresses posted to the Website to guard them from trolling spambots.  Using my email address as an example, I will post them in this format:  mssa -AT-

Name of range:

Name of organization owning/operating range:

Mail address for range:

Physical address for range:

Email address for range (if any):

Phone number for range (if any):

Contact person for range:
Mail address:
Phone number:
Email address:

Website URL if the range or organization has a Website:

(Optional)  Approximate current number of members of range organization:

Is the organization affiliated with the NRA?

Is the organization affiliated with MSSA?

Is the organization a corporation?

Has the organization ever applied for a range development grant from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks?

If so, was the range successful in obtaining the grant?

Types of shooting allowed (rifle, pistol, shotgun, trap, skeet, sporting clays, archery, etc.):

What and how many component facilities and amenities does the range offer (for example, how many pistol bays, rifle bays, trap throwers, clubhouse, bathrooms, RV parking, water, phone, and any other worth mention)?

How many acres are controlled by the range/organization?

Is the range outdoor or indoor, or both?  Please explain.

Is day access allowed for the general public?  If so, how does that work and when is it possible?

May anyone become a member?  If so, how is that done?  What is the cost?

If a person becomes a member, what hours and days may the member use the range?

What is the membership cycle or period?

Does the range allow members to bring guests to the range?

Are organized shooting activities allowed at the range, such as competitive shooting matches or youth activities?  If so, what activities?

Do any law enforcement agencies use the range?

Do any schools, school groups use the range?

Does the Montana Hunter Education Program use the range?

Is any firearm safety instruction or firearms skills instruction regularly offered at the range?

If possible and available, please include electronic files for:    1) a map to the range, 2) aerial photo of the range facility, and 3) digital photos of range facilities (please provide captions for photos, such as "primary 100-yard bay").

Please also include the text of the posted range rules as an electronic file.