Former Grant Applicants

This is a list of former shooting range grant applicants.  These people have been through the process and have indicated a willingness to coach other applicants, as they have time available.

(Note:  If you have been through the FWP Shooting Range grant application process, and are willing to coach others, as you have time available, please email your contact information to MSSA at mssa -AT-, and tell us you are willing to coach range grant applicants.  Thanks!!)

This list will grow.  Come back soon.

Terry Hill
24 Shamrock Lane
Great Falls, Montana 59465
788-6800 work
788-5005 home
terryhill -AT-

Dale Nelson
532 Biglake Road
Homestead, Montana 59242
2biglake -AT-

Gary Marbut
P.O. Box 16106
Missoula, Montana 59808
mssa -AT-