Missoula - Deer Creek Shooting Center

Name of range:  Deer Creek Shooting Center

Name of organization owning/operating range:  Western Montana Fish and Game Association

Mail address for range:  P.O. Box 4294, Missoula, Montana 59806

Physical address for range:  Intersection of Deer Creek Road and Montana Rail Link tracks, between East Missoula and Bonner

Email address for range (if any):  mail -AT- wmfg.org

Contact person for range:
Name:  Paul Miner
Mail address:  P.O. Box 4294, Missoula, Montana 59806
Phone number:  406-721-7214
Email address:  paul -AT- wmfg.org

Website URLhttp://.www.wmfg.org

Is the organization affiliated with the NRA?  Yes.

Is the organization affiliated with MSSA?  No

Is the organization a corporation?  Yes

Has the organization ever applied for a range development grant from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks?  Yes

If so, was the range successful in obtaining the grant?  Yes

Types of shooting allowed:  rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery

What and how many component facilities and amenities does the range offer.  Two 300-yard rifle bays, three 100-yard rifle bays, four 50-yard rifle/pistol bays, ten 25-yard pistol bays, shooting benches on all, firing line covers on most, shotgun area with a clay bird launcher, archery area with butts, bathrooms, water, phone.

How many acres are controlled by the range/organization?  About 80

Is the range outdoor or indoor, or both?  Please explain.Outdoor facilities only.

Is day access allowed for the general public?  If so, how does that work and when is it possible?  No.

May anyone become a member?  If so, how is that done?  What is the cost?  Yes.  A person may join at the gun counter of local sporting goods stores.  $40/year individual, $45 family, with a one-time $5 deposit on an electronic key card to operate the access gate.

If a person becomes a member, what hours and days may the member use the range?  All daylight hours, any days.

What is the membership cycle or period?  March 1 to March 1

Does the range allow members to bring guests to the range?  Yes.

Are organized shooting activities allowed at the range, such as competitive shooting matches or youth activities?  If so, what activities?  Yes.  IPSC competition, Hunter Education, special events, law enforcement, ROTC, safety training classes, and more.

Do any law enforcement agencies use the range?  Yes.

Do any schools, school groups use the range?  Not yet, but would be welcome.

Does the Montana Hunter Education Program use the range?  Yes.

Is any firearm safety instruction or firearms skills instruction regularly offered at the range?  Yes

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