Name of range:  Manhattan Wildlife Association

Name of organization owning/operating range:  Manhattan Wildlife Association

Mail address for range:  Manhattan Wildlife Association
      P.O. Box #4460
      Bozeman, Montana 59772

Physical address for range:  337 Logan Trident Road

Email address for range (if any):  info -AT-

Phone number for range (if any):  406-579-2744

Website URL if the range or organization has a Website:

(Optional)  Approximate current number of members of range organization:  1300

Is the organization affiliated with the NRA? Yes

Is the organization affiliated with MSSA? Yes

Is the organization a corporation? No

Has the organization ever applied for a range development grant from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks? Yes

If so, was the range successful in obtaining the grant? Yes

Types of shooting allowed:  Rifle, Pistol, Black Powder, Trap, Skeet, Action Pistol (USPSA), (IDPA), Small Bore Silhouette, Cowboy Silhouette, High Power CMP, Women on Target, Archery (no archery range though).

Facilities:  6 Trap Fields, 6 Skeet Fields, 5 Stand all with lights, Rifle range out to 400 Yds, 8 pistol bays (one with lights), 2 club houses, general public access inside bathrooms, 6 RV hook ups and RV parking areas, Running water, Soda Vending Machine and available electrical, Over night RV parking, camping or other sleeping for any event going on at the range, Security Officer at range, On staff Hunter Safety, Handgun & Rifle & CCW trainers. Twice a year there is a public (everyone welcome) sight-in day with trained staff and equipment. All of this available to member and there immediate family all year round for $40.00 a year membership.

How many acres are controlled by the range/organization?
Unknown exactly, estimated 10 to 15

Is the range outdoor or indoor, or both?

Is day access allowed for the general public?  If so, how does that work and when is it possible?
The MWA Range is a private range and day to day use of the range is only available to current members. We do have many disciplines that run shoots through out the year and the general public is welcome to all of those. Most disciplines require a fee to participate but all are welcome.

May anyone become a member?  If so, how is that done?  What is the cost?
Yes anyone can be a member of the range. There is an only membership application on our website that anyone may fill out and send in. The cost is $40.00 a year for a family membership (Family is described as anyone in your immediate family and children under the age of 18). Guest are permitted once a year per person.

If a person becomes a member, what hours and days may the member use the range?
The range is open pretty much all of the time. There are lights on certain portions of the bay that make it easier to utilize that specific discipline.

What is the membership cycle or period?
June 1 through May 31 of the following year.

Does the range allow members to bring guests to the range?
Yes, Guest are permitted as long as they are with a current member and only come out once a year. A Member may bring out different guest to introduce them to the range facility or if they are traveling through the area. All matches and or range events hosted at the MWA are open to general public.

Are organized shooting activities allowed at the range, such as competitive shooting matches or youth activities?  If so, what activities?
Yes. There are matches being held through out the year in ALL of the shooting disciplines. ATA Trap meets, Skeet Meets, Action Pistol (USPSA & IDPA), Long Range CMP, Cowboy Silhouette, Precision Bolt rifle, Smallbore Silhouette, Hunters Safety (40 to 60 Children a year), High Power & Smallbore Silhouette for Youth , Women on Target and probably a few we forgot.

Do any law enforcement agencies use the range?
Yes, County, City and even Military and SWAT.

Do any schools, school groups use the range?
Yes, Hunters Safety and CMP.

Does the Montana Hunter Education Program use the range?
Yes. – The whole Valley.

Is any firearm safety instruction or firearms skills instruction regularly offered at the range?

If possible and available, please include electronic files for:    1) a map to the range, 2) aerial photo of the range facility, and 3) digital photos of range facilities (please provide captions for photos, such as "primary 100-yard bay").

Please also include the text of the posted range rules as an electronic file.
Range Rules (.pdf file)