Montana Shooting Sports Association
Application for Membership
(Print out and mail to: MSSA P.O. Box 4924, Missoula, MT 59806)

Name:    ______________________________________________

Address:  _________________________________________

City:     _________________________________________

State:    __________________________   Zip:   ________

Phone:   ________________________________

Fax:     ________________________________

I am a member of the NRA:     Yes ___  No  ___

NRA #:   ________________________________

Email:   ________________________________

I am applying for the following type of membership:

____Annual $25/yr.   ____Adult Club $25/yr.
____Family $35/yr.   ____Junior Club $10/yr.
____Junior annual $5/yr.   Business Membership:
____Life $400   ____Bronze Sponsor $100/yr.
____Endowment $800   ____Silver Sponsor $250/yr.
____Patron $1200   ____Gold Sponsor $500/yr.
____Benefactor $2400   ____Platinum Sponsor $1000/yr.

If renewing, give MSSA #___________________

I hereby make application to join the MSSA under the plan and terms as noted above. I support the U.S. Constitution and its Second Amendment and the Montana Constitution and Article II, Section 12 thereof.

(Please sign and enclose check for appropriate amount)

Signed:   ____________________________________________________

Date:       ________________________